see Albert Einsteins secret…….

Ever taught of giving up before because you got a bad grade..

see what they have to say.

Albert Einstein said and I quote “education is what remains after one 

has forgotten what one has learned  in school” he said he has no 

special talent; “I am only passionately curious: a person who never 

made mistakes and never tried anything. Albert Einstein made us 

understand that great numbers of inventions begin with trial and error. 

errors never made a man fail; it only gives him the opportunity to try Again.

George Eliot : an English novelist, poet, journalist, translator and one of 

the leading writers of the Victorian era. “A man falls many times but he 

won’t be a failure until he says that someone pushed him” never put 

the blame of your weakness on people only makes you a laughing stock.

 A friend of mine uses this quote a lot . Do you have a problem? 

Can you do something  to change it? if no the y do you keep worrying 

about it? a lot of people have gone to their untimely grave because of 

worries.  Time travel only  happens in the movies. You can’t change the 

hands of time but you can change your thoughts and take a step today.

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